Agent install error: OS Unsupported

Version 1


    To explain why an Operating System is detected as Unsupported



    The agent installs normally but does not appear in the console. In the logs... you will find OS Unsupported.



    The agent is not listed in the Agent Install Guide as a supported Operating System. Newer Operating Systems release upgrade frequently and may not been fully tested yet. We will test these newer OS versions to verify they are supported when the vendor releases their software.


    Other possible causes:

    Communication from the endpoint to the agent is blocked by a firewall, proxy, router or filtering switch. See the Agent Install guide for information on required ports and protocols.



    What to check:

         1. Verify the OS is on the supported list in the Agent Install Guide.

         2. Check the logs to verify there are not other issues that are causing the endpoint to not communicate with the EMSS server.

         3. Check the Time to Live (TTL) of the endpoint. If this has been altered by the customer the EMSS server may not have detected the OS correctly.

              a. Installing the agent via Discovery (From the EMSS console) the server uses the TTL from a ICMP packet (ping) to determine the OS version.

                   The first check performed uses the Nullscode in the Ping. There are three values T, F and U. If Nullscode is a T and TTL Is between 64-128 its determined to be a Windows endpoint.

                   If the TTL is not between 64-128 the endpoint is determined to be Unknown. If Nullscode is an F the endpoint is a Unix endpoint. If the Nullscode is a U the OS is Unknown.



    A Visio diagram is attached to help understand the logic.

    Affected Products

    Ivanti Endpoint Security 8.x

    Heat Endpoint Management and Security Suite 8.x

    First Check

    Nullscode T, F, U

    T                 TTL   Is   64-128 Windows

                        TTL Not 64-128 Unknown


    F                 Unix


    U               OS Unknown