Customizing ERP reports for Executive Report Pack

Version 3

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    Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.x

    Built in reports in Data Analytics \ Executive Report Pack are by default not changeable from the Management Console view.


    In order to customize any report from Executive Report Pack you have to clone report and modify copied item.

    It is recommended to edit attributes by modifying SQL queries instead of editing report by wizard tool.


    Preparing report

    First of all you have to export base report (i.e. Patch Status by Device by Patch Type in ERP secton) to XML file.

    Select the proper report from built in list and choose export.


    Specify the proper name and location

    In the file you have to modify manually XML values with proper XML convention rules. It is recommended to use advanced text editor to make the code clear and avoid including any special not visible marks in xml code.

    The below case describes report named Patch Status by Device by Patch Type, avaiable in ERP \Patch section.


    First of all you have to report name to unique and specify location



    Product value and subgroup should be in user location as incorrectly created file will overwrite existing one.

    It is recommend o change product Value to "User" and delete Subcategory tag.


    Keep in mind only user catalog will allow you later to edit or delete newly created customized reports.


    In <SUBREPORT> section tag you can values and customize columns, visible in final report, by removing existing or adding new one. 

    In this place you can edit other options like visible label name, with of column etc.


    Keep in mind you have to modify it using proper XML syntax. Columns are connected both to properties and sql values.



    Removing or adding new column to report

    In order to delete column from Inventory section (computer name, IP adderss, last scan date etc), you have to remove proper values connected to particular column.

    For example removal process of 2nd column named Device Name requires to cut the below values marked as gray:


    If the report section with particular ERP data (i.e for Patch detection :Date detected, severity)should be removed, the second <Subreport> section has to be modified.


    Adding new values

    Process of adding new columns should be done in similar way, while the data for required value should be properly pasted both for field types and SQL query.

    Keep in mind the proper type of value (INT, String, etc) should be specified in field type as well.



    Import report

    Modified file should be saved and imported into ERP Data Analytics from Management Console using Import feature,  available from context menu.


    Example of modified ERP report for Patch Status by Device by Patch Type with removed below columns is attached:

    - last logged in user

    - last updated by inventory

    - address IP