Service Level Management - Troubleshooting Guide

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    Service Level Management

    This article covers the most basic issues regarding broad topic of Serivce Level Management (response levels, escalations, etc) and how to troubleshoot/fix those. For more detailed information and how to setup, please refer to official documentation: Service Desk and Asset Manager help center



    After changing priority on the incident, MinutesToBreach field is empty.

    I have breach point for Priority4 set for 20 minutes and 10 minutes for Priority 3. It works okay when I am opening the ticket both of those (the time is reflected on MinutesToBreach field).

    But once I have ticket already logged with P4 and want to change it to P3, MinutesToBreach field value goes empty. Why is that?


    The reason why the MinutesToBreach are not being recalculated is because InProgress status is not set as an activation status for this response level:

    If the above is the only escalation available for Priority 3, it means that it is gonna trigger only on OPEN status which is visible in "Activation Status" field. In order to have MinutesToBreach recalculated when you change the priority, you need to have a separate escalation point which will start at particular status of the incident:

    Adn the on the incident we have:




    Colors on the incidents are not being changed as per escalation points.

    We setup the escalation point which should be changing the color of the incident after 10% of the escalation time. This is not happening as it stays white. The screenshot of my escalation point is below:

    According to this it should change color for the first time after exactly 1 minute after incident has been logged.


    The most possible solution is that Background service which is responsible for processing the escalation is not running. After successfully enabling it, we can see that it display this way now:




    I cannot change the Priority to a different one.

    When I am creating an incident, I want to have an option to choose the priority by myself. As for now - there is only one option to choose from. How can I change that?



    The priority which you can choose is determined according to the Response Matrix that is setup. In order to access it, you need to navigate: Administration - Service Level Management (tab in the window on the bottom) then Incident - Response Agreements. Below is example screenshot of what I have configured:

    In the rules above, the only Response Level available when Impact and urgency are both High is P1. If you want to this to be change, you will have to add new rules in order to have this option turned on.



    MinutesToBreach value is different from what I setup.

    I have set my escalation point for Priority 1 to be 240 minutes but everytime I am opening the new incident, I see that it breaches in a different value. What might be the reason?


    Solution #1 (multiple escalations triggered)

    Those might not be the exact solutions to this issue, but might be worth checking before moving forward and logging ticket with support.

    It is possible that for Incident you have setup both Assignment and normal escalations:


    Now, according to the graph below, at any given point in time, one incident can have only one breach time (RL means response level):

    Let's say that you have 30 minutes for assignment response level and 240 minutes for standard incident response. It is showed on the graph. The red line indicates that the first breach point of the incident would be in 30 minutes because of the assignment SLA. And this causes the MinutesToBreach = 29 minutes once you are opening the incident.


    Solution #2 (calendar)

    Let's imagine that you have setup the calendar for your support and business hours are 9AM - 5PM local time. Also we can think of Response Level having 240 minutes to breach. When you open incident at 8AM local time, the minutes to breach will be calculating time to 1PM local time instead of 12PM. Why? Because it starts the clock at the moment when business hours are starting, so in hours case 4 hours from 9 AM is 1PM.


    For more information on how to configure calendar, please refer to the documenation: Service Desk and Asset Manager help center