How to setup Home dashboards for Analysts and End Users.

Version 4

    You can use the Manage Dashboards page to set home pages for analysts and end-users. The End User Home dashboard and the Analyst Home dashboard are listed at the top of the page.

    To set a home dashboard:
    1. Click alongside a dashboard that is published to all.


       2. Click Set as End User Home or Set as Analyst Home as required.



    Only a dashboard that is published to all can be set as a home dashboard. If a dashboard is a home dashboard, you cannot undo its publishing.


    To remove a home dashboard:

    You can remove a dashboard from being a home dashboard by clicking alongside the home dashboard link.


    End-users and analysts can access the End User Home dashboard by clicking the logo at the top left of the Workspaces window.
    Analysts can access the Analyst Home dashboard by clicking
    Home Dashboard under the Analyst Workspace menu group.