Issue with setting up two instances of Workspaces with two different Authentication methods

Version 1

    Issue: When setting up two instances of workspaces with different authentication, for example one Explicit and one Identity Server, changing windows authentication for one also changes it for the other. This happens when two applications share the same virtual folder.


    Solution: Modify the virtual folder for the applications via IIS Manager.



    1. Open IIS Manager
    2. In the Connections pane, expand the Sites node in the tree, and then click to select the site in which you want to change the physical path for virtual directory content.
    3. In the Actions pane, click View Virtual Directories.
    4. From the Virtual Directories page, select a virtual directory in the list.
    5. In the Actions pane, click Basic Settings.
    6. In the Physical path box, change the path of the virtual directory content.
    7. Click OK.


    You can find more information regarding this on the official Microsoft website: Change the Physical Path of Virtual Directory Content (IIS 7)