Telnet Emulation Parameters: Pen /Mouse Cursor Movement

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Terminal Emulation 7.3

    Issue Description:

    Wavelink Terminal Emulation 7.3.280 / 7.3.298 Parameter - Pen /Mouse Cursor Movement does not work regardless of the parameter being enabled.


    Current Workaround:

    Currently "Pen /Mouse Cursor Movement" works fine in one of our lower version: Wavelink Terminal Emulation 7.3.251


    You can get the application under:

    Download Wavelink Software for -Universal Universal Enablers and Clients Devices


    Or you can download the .exe file from the attachment section.


    Additional information:

    The Parameter can be found in the following path:


    \Emulation\Display\Pen/Mouse Cursor Movement: