Community Document Reference Sheet for HEAT Knowledge Base Articles

Version 1

    When support moved the HEAT Support Portal Knowledge Base articles to the Ivanti community, we made every effort to maintain references to the former HEAT Article IDs (they are contained as Tags on the corresponding Community document).  To help further relate those articles to the new Ivanti Community, we have created this reference document that contains a list of the HEAT Knowledge Base numbers and their corresponding Ivanti Community Document IDs.  For even more parity, we have included references to the former Knowledge Article URLs in conjunction with their HEAT Article and Ivanti Community equivalents.


     Article Article #Ivanti Community Document,-Service-Pac-(1).aspx27822742,-Report-Model.aspx38522827,-1-or-2-when-scanning-targets-in-VM.aspx45822892,.aspx49022924,-1.aspx59123019,-deploying-p.aspx68823115 92023334