How to automate debug logging from within Environment Manager policy

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    Environment Manager 10.0Environment Manager 10.1



    In certain scenarios, it may be useful to enable Environment Manager debug logging using EM policy, for example if an issue is intermittent and occurs on random machines, meaning that you will need to enable logging on a large number of them at once.



    Be aware that there is a small performance overhead involved with enabling logging, so it is recommended that you first enable logging on a small number of machines and monitor the impact.

    Specifying the log settings


    • Firstly, download the Ivanti Support Toolkit from the following location - Ivanti Support Toolkit
    • Unzip the Toolkit and launch it on a machine which has the EM agent installed.
    • Accept the EULA, go to the logging tab and click on "Enable Logging" under the EM icon:



    Exporting the log settings


    • The logging settings are found in the registry within the following key:

    HKLM\SOFTWARE\AppSense\Environment Manager\EventTracing

    • Export these settings from the registry by opening RegEdit, then right-clicking on the key and selecting 'Export':


    • Take the .reg file you have just created and copy it to the machine you have the EM console installed on.


    Importing the log settings into your configuration


    • Open the EM console, create a new node under Computer Startup and add an "Import a Registry File" action, found here:

                   console action.png

    • On the Registry Import dialog, select "Import File" and import the .reg file you created earlier.
    • Be sure that you haven't clicked on the checkbox next to any of the keys as this will create a 'Registry Delete Key' action. Click OK to complete the import.
    • This will result in a series of actions which creates the "EventTracing" key and all the values required within it:


    NOTE: This will enable logging on ALL machines to which the configuration is applied. It may be worth creating some computer conditions to apply this to a subset of your machines. See here for more information - Condition Management