About new features and changes in Software Distribution in EPM 2017.3

Version 5

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2017.x

    Agent Settings for Portal Manager

    • Service Manager Application
    • Branding/Font Updates


    Service Manager Canned Application

      • Hosted by Portal Manager
      • Use the embedded Chromium application
      • Forward-looking to the new version of the Service Manager ticketing system.  Will allow you to enter the URL for the Service Manager page and point to Service Manager once you have the URL.
        In the meantime, or at any time you can use this to point to whatever URL you would like.  So you can create several instances of the "Service Manager Application" and rename them to whatever you want, enter any URL you want and it will run in an embedded Chromium browser.

        ServiceManagerCanned.png  ServiceManagerEdit.png


         Branding Changes - Items that can be modified

      • Window title
      • Application title
      • Taskbar icon
      • Corporate logo
      • Header background
      • Application background
      • Reset to defaults


    EPM 2017.1EPM 2017.3


    Example of Branding Changes





    • Font Updates - Modifiable items

      • Application Title Font and Color



      The selected font must exist on the core and the client computers.




      New Portal Manager UI

      EPM 2017.1EPM 2017.3


      • Favorites - Click the star in the upper right corner of the package in the portal to add to favorites.
        (Favorites are stored as a JSON file in the LDCLIENT\DATA folder)
      • Multi-selection icons updated
      • Flyout - Menu flies out from the left-hand side to show sorting options
      • Logo/Screenshot usage and resizing - Logos are resized automatically to 80x80, Screenshots are automatically re-sized to 640x480.  This saves a lot of memory usage on the client side and also makes logos and screenshots more legible.  A total of 3 screenshots can be saved per package.
      • Screenshots and Screenshot viewer
      • Categories - Create and Manage package categories.
      • Tags - Ability to add tags to each package
      • Searching - Search can be done for the following criteria:
        • Name
        • Description
        • Policy Type
        • Status
        • Last run
        • Categories
        • Vendor
        • Estimated Download Time
        • Estimated Install Time
        • Reboot Required
        • Tags
      • Install/Open/Launch - Action will vary based on content.  "Install" will show up for Apps, "Open" will show up for documents, and "Launch" will show for LInks.


      Content Package

      This is a new tree node in the Distribution Packages tool called "Content Packages"  The following characteristics apply:

      • Read-only
      • Cannot be scheduled
      • Must use drag and drop or cut/copy/paste to use
      • Cannot have dependent packages
      • Cannot be bundles


      These are very similar to custom definitions or content definitions however they will be created by our content team.  In order to use these content packages, they must be dragged out or copied and pasted to "My Packages".  A tree node will be added to the content download options in Security and Compliance Manager as "Content Packages" or words to that effect.  Packages that within the content packages section can also be exported to be shared with the user Community.