Echo Delay Enter Script for Use in VT When Scan Terminator Moves too Fast for Scan Verification

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Terminal Emulation 7.3Terminal Emulation 7.2Terminal Emulation 7.0Velocity 2.0

    Issue:  Scan terminator enters too fast in VT to allow you to verify what is scanned (Will not work with Windows TelNet)


    First go under Emulation Parameters>Emulation>VT and HP>Common>Scan Terminator

    Edit Scan Terminator, delete the information listed, click OK, save and close your emulation parameters.  Note:  Will not work with Windows TelNet as the scan terminator is not an option available at this time.



    Upload the attached script via the script editor and import option.  Click done to save.

    You can edit this to add other Keypress_Key pieces if needed for other scan terminators by editing the script.


    Here is the text of the script itself that can be added to a new script by using the Add As Text button in the Script Editor:


    Script( echo_delay_enter )

    String( scanData )

    Number( ScanType )



    Comment: Activated on scan



        Activate( On_Input, scanData, ScanType )



    Comment: Scan data



        Scan_String( scanData, ScanType )



    Comment: Delays for two seconds to allow verification



        Delay( 2000 )



    Comment: Sends the VT220 Enter keypress



        Keypress_Key( "VT220", "Enter" )