Script Print Screen Any Emulation Type

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Terminal Emulation 7.3Terminal Emulation 7.2Terminal Emulation 7.0

    Grabs all data from the current screen and sends it to the host when pressing Ctrl-P (Note: 5250 already has Ctrl-P assigned, and the key will need to be changed)


    Script( print_screen )

    String( screen_data )

    String( screen_row )

    Boolean( print2 )

    Number( max_screen_rows )

    Number( counter )

    Number( nRows )

    Activate( On_Key, 0x70, Ctrl )





    Comment: parse the ammount of rows on the screen


    max_screen_rows = Get_Screen_Rows


    Comment: set your counter to one


    counter = 1


    Comment: Get your screen information to the max ammount of rows, then combine the information with proper formatting


    While( Number_Less_Than_Or_Equal( counter, max_screen_rows ) )


    Comment: get screen information


    screen_row = Get_Screen_Text( counter, 1 )


    Comment: set formatting


    If_Not( Number_Equal( counter, 1 ) )

    screen_row = String_Combine( screen_row, "\0D\0A" )



    Comment: combine data


    screen_data = String_Combine( screen_data, screen_row )


    Comment: run counter

    counter = Number_Plus( counter, 1 )




    Comment: Send data to printer


    print2 = Printer_Data( screen_data, TRUE )