ISM Cloud - BIDS Connection Update FAQ

Version 1

    In our ongoing effort to continue to raise the quality of the services we provide to Ivanti customers, Ivanti is making a change to the way users connect to their system to design reports.


    This FAQ, which will be added to on an ongoing basis, is intended to answer some of the initial questions customers have had.


    Why are you making this change?

    • Our current ODBC solution provider is end of life, and no longer supported.  This new solution  has features that assist us with ensuring SOC2 compliance for privacy and data protection.  Additionally, the new connection solution enables us to distribute traffic and support multiple reporting connections.


    How will this affect reports I have created already?

    • Reports that are currently in design will need to be updated with the new connection string.


    What happens to my reports if I do not update this right away?

    • Published reports will see no impact.  Reports in design mode will need to connect using the updated connection string.