Ivanti Licensing Portal FAQ

Version 5


    This article outlines some Frequently Asked Questions about the Ivanti Licensing Portal.



    How do I reach the Ivanti Licensing Portal?

    Ivanti Software Licensing Portal


    What are my credentials?

    Credentials should have been emailed to you after purchasing a product.  You may also be able to use your Ivanti Community / Support Portal credentials to login.


    PLEASE NOTE: We are migrating all products but at this stage the Ivanti Licensing Portal does not currently cover products from HEAT, Shavlik and Wavelink brands.  If you try to login and your community account is not linked with a licencing record then you will be returned to the homepage.


    Products that are covered by the licensing portal include:

    • User Workspace Management powered by AppSense
    • Service Desk/Asset Manager powered by LANDESK
    • Endpoint Manager / Management Suite powered by LANDESK
    • Naurtech
    • Xtraction
    • Goldmine

    What if I forgot my username and/or password?

    • Go to the Ivanti Software Licensing Portal
    • Under the Login fields, there is a line that says "If you have forgotten your username and/or password, email Licensing" - Click on "Licensing" to generate a new email to the Licensing team.



    My license information is incorrect, what do I do?

    Email  DL-LDOrders@ivanti.com with details as to the discrepancy.



    When trying to login with Community ID, nothing happens.

    On the License Portal site there is an option to log in with your Community ID.

    Your Community ID is stored against certain product licensing information.

    If the system finds that your Community ID has associated Product Licenses, you will be logged in so you can view your license details.

    If the system does not find any associated Product Licenses, the page refreshes and does not display any licensing details.


    If your attempt to login with Community ID does not end up showing you any License Details, and you feel it should, email  DL-LDOrders@ivanti.com with details as to the discrepancy.