About Workspaces and Ivanti EPM 2017.3 and 2018.3

Version 22

    The release of Ivanti EPM 2017.3 introduces some changes to Workspaces functionality.


    What's Changed?

    My.BridgeIT has been removed from Ivanti EPM - the Setup.exe installer no longer configures the My.BridgeIT web application.



    The Ivanti Workspaces application as of Ivanti EPM 2017.1 is also being phased out. Portal Manager (from previous versions) has been given numerous upgrades and is now Ivanti End User Workspace.

    Portal Workspaces Transition.jpg



    Workspaces for Mac devices still relies on the existence of My.BridgeIT. Please review the following information for instructions on how to proceed.


    I still want to use MY.BridgeIT in conjunction with Workspaces

    In some instances users may want to continue using Workspaces in conjunction with Bridge.IT after upgrading. The method to accomplishing this varies depending on the upgrade path.


    Upgraded from 2016.# to 2017.3s

    My.BridgeIT will need to be upgraded.


    1. Skip to the section of this document detailing the Installation/Upgrade of My.BridgeIT and Configuration Center.


    Upgraded from 2017.1 to 2017.3

    Since nothing was changed from 2017.1 to 2017.3, no action is required. Workspaces will continue to work as it did before the upgrade.


    Standalone install of 2017.3

    Since the release of 2017.3 the installer does not install MyBridge.IT, it will need to be installed manually. The Workspaces Database will also need to be created and configured as well.


    1. Skip to the section of this document detailing the Installation/Upgrade of My.BridgeIT and Configuration Center.
    2. Skip to the section of this document detailing Configuring Workspaces Database.


    Upgrade from 2017.3 to 2018.3


    Since the release of 2018.3 the installer for My.BridgeIT has been removed from the install media completely. Workspaces must be installed on 2016.3 or 2017.3 core server and then upgraded inline to 2018.3


    Installing/Upgrading Bridge.IT and Configuration Center

    The Setup.exe installer is placed under C:\Ivanti2017-3\Workspaces after running the Ivanti2017-3 installer.


    Follow the installer with any desired configuration options being made. Click Install on the last window and allow the installer to finish to completion. Should only take roughly 5 minutes.


    Be sure to leave the Launch Configuration Center when Install Finishes option checked and click Finish when the installer completes. A reboot is not needed at this time.



    Configure Workspaces Database

    If Configuration Center doesn't launch after the installer, open IE and browse to https://localhost/ConfigurationCenter and accept the browser warning. The following page will load:

    Configuration Center.jpg

    Fill out the blank information:


    • Server: Name of the server hosting the Ivanti Database.


    • User Name/Password: User that hasa Public Server Role, and db_owner and public Database Role Memberships for the Workspaces Database.
      • NOTE - If SQLExpress was used, a user with these rights will need to be created. The password for the SA account created during the install is not saved in plaintext for use. The password for the SA account can also be changed, but this is not recommended.


    • Database: Name of database being used for Workspaces. This will need to be created. In the past, the database for workspaces was LDBridgeIT - but it can be named anything.

    DB USer.jpg


    After filling out the information, select Test Connection and ensure it returns Succeeded. If Login failed for user "" appears, something wasn't configured correctly with that specified user.

    Test Connection.jpg

    Click Configure Database and allow time for the process to complete - shouldn't take more than 10 minutes. It will read Succeeded once completed.


    Run an IISReset on the core server and Workspaces will be good to go. To validate, browse to https://localhost/My.BridgeIT in IE on the Core Server and log in using Windows Authentication:

    Final Workspaces.jpg