How do I create a product idea / feature request / product enhancement?

Version 2

    Ivanti Product Management have an Ideas Portal where you can create new product ideas and vote on existing ones.


    Learn how to submit enhancement requests

    This is a short video demonstrating how you can submit and vote on new feature/ product enhancement requests (video 2 minutes)


    How do I use the Product Ideas portal?


    You can reach this by:

    • Selecting Ideas from the Community header or clicking this link.
    • Selecting the Product Type that your product is in.
    • If you are already logged into the Community you will be logged straight into the Uservoice site.  If not, you will need to register / login to the site first.


    When you visit Uservoice there will be instructions on the page about how to proceed.


    How can I give feedback about the Product Ideas portal?

    If you have any feedback about using Uservoice you can select “Contact Us” from the top of the page to send a message to the site administrators.



    Where have the Product Ideas gone from the Community?

    At the end of September 2017, the product ideas from the community were migrated to Uservoice.  Follow the steps above to locate the community product idea.