Whats new for Mac in Endpoint Manager 2017.3

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2017.x



    This document contains a list and explanation of the new features for Mac Management in Ivanti Endpoint Manager 2017.3.



    High Sierra Support


    Mac Provisioning

    • Default Deployment Template
      • We have improved the default mac deployment template that is created when you build a new template in the Provisioning Template Wizard.
        Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 12.58.03 PM.png
    • Target Boot Volume
      • No more need to identify the specific partition, or Volume as we will automatically detect the boot volume, re-partition it, deploy the image and install the agent.
    • Two new Mac Provisioning Actions
      • Join Active Directory Domain
        • No more need to write a script or apply a Configuration Profile just to join a Mac to the Active Directory domain.
      • Download File Handler
        • Make it easier to get the files you need onto the client for a successful deployment.
    • Enhanced Error Reporting
      • The Provisioning History in the console now shows the detailed logging information from a failed action to help you get issues corrected more quickly.


    MacOS Configuration Profile Editor

    • A new addition to the Agent Settings tool we have added a fully featured Configuration Profile editor, so that you no longer have to setup a MacOS Server to build the configuration profiles.
    • In the Console go to Tools - Configuration - Agent Settings - My Agent Settings - Mac Profiles, create a new setting and click the "New" button.
    • You can create two types of Profiles:
      • MacOS Configuration: Primarily used for user configurations.
      • MacOS Device Configuration: Primarily used for Devicewide configurations.


    Agent Settings

    • Inventory Settings
      • The MacOS Agent configuration now uses the Inventory Agent Settings to know what and when to scan, instead of being configured inside of the Agent Config itself.


    Agent State

    • The MacOS Agent will participate in the new Agent State feature, but it will not be elected as a subnet representative to report the state of devices on the subnet up to the core.