How to globally replace Account Manager from full names to usernames

Version 1

    Please note: It  is highly recommended to complete a full SQL database backup of the  GoldMine database before performing a global replace.


    Log in with master rights (otherwise the Status field will not be available for a global replace)

    1. Click Tools >> Data Management >> Global Replace

    2. Choose Update a field using advanced options >> Next

    3. Choose the Account Manager (key4) field in the Update field drop down

    4. Choose the value you want to update that field with (ie. JEFF - new value)

    5. Under Replace Method, choose Replace text with value: J. Smith (old value)

    6. Click Next

    7. Verify the correct fields to be replaced is listed >> Next


    8. Verify a filter of contact to run the global replace against or choose All Contact Records for the entire database

    9. Click Next

    10. Click Finish


    ** All fields for J. Smith will now be updated to JEFF