Issue: LANDESK Smart Card Driver not included in Agent by default as of EPM 2017.3

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2017.x



    This document explains a change in Endpoint Manager 2017.3 where we no longer include the LANDESK Smart Card Driver by default in the Windows Agent.




    As of Endpoint Manager 2017.3 the LANDESK Smart Card driver is no longer included and installed by default in the Ivanti Windows Agent (It was never part of the agent for any other platform). If this is needed in your environment you have to manually enable the driver install in the Agent Configuration.


    1. In the Endpoint Manager Console, go to Tools - Configuration - Agent Configuration.
    2. Locate and open your Windows Agent Configuration you plan to deploy to devices that require Smart Card Authentication for Remote Control.
    3. Navigate the Remote Control section of the Agent Configuration.
    4. Check the box for "Install Smart Card Driver"