Error: "404.8" when adding additional files to package

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    LANDESK Management Suite 9.6LANDESK Management Suite 2016.xLANDESK Endpoint Manager 2017.x



    While adding additional files to a package a 404 error occurs. Specifically 404.8






    One of the sub-directories has a file/folder that is not accessible.




    Navigate to the HTTP path where the files/folders are located. You will get an error accessing the page.






    Change to a UNC Path




    Modify IIS Configuration

    1. Open IIS manager and browse to the directory that is not accessible.
    2. Click on "Request Filtering".
    3. Click on the "Hidden Segments" tab.
    4. Highlight "bin" or any other Segment listed that is in your file/folder path.
    5. Click on "Remove" on the right hand menu.
    6. Restart IIS
    7. Test adding the additional files from the previous directory to your distribution package.