Issue: Failed to download particular files for content replication - restricted IIS extensions

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.x

    Due to fact IIS service is used for communication in many ways, sometimes the extension of files which needs to be replicated cause the problem.

    At the result the file replication cannot be completed due to problems from IIS side.



    Some packages like driver packs can have files with extensions, treated as special file by IIS service.

    At the result Replication Log shows an error:

    "Failed to download file http:/..... "

    There are separate error in Event Log, created with EventID 2 or 3 once the file is tried to be accessed:

    WebHost failed to process a request. or  Parser Error as browser message


    The above screenshot is related to one of the special file extension - SVC.

    This error means the IIS is trying to open this file as special format with Service Model syntax.


    It appears as well once the file is try to be accessed as HTTP address from Core Server via browser.


    Receiving error with 404  when accessing such type of files.




    The reason of failure access to shared files from core server can be related to default IIS settings, implemented during service configuration of IIS.

    The extension type of files like *.asp, *.axd, *.soap, *.aspx, *.cer, *.svc, *.asmx or *.xml are mentioned in default configured Handler Mapping for this particular application pool.

    Existing and enabled values for such extensions will prevent to treat them as standard file and each one will be processed in another way.


    The solution can be disabling state for such handler mappings, delete the particular entry or compress problematic file into another accepted extension to complete replication or allow access from web browser.

    Keep in mind the those files can be required for other IIS features, which don't have to be related with Ivanti products.


    If you are using the same IIS server for both Ivanti and other purposes, please double-check the meaning of particular problematic extension file as the feature can be needed by another external software.