Support Portal - Changes and New Features Q4 2017

Version 4

    New Features

    No separate Shavlik portal

    There is now no requirement for a separate Shavlik portal.  Shavlik portal users will now use


    Customer Reference Field

    This is a new plain text field where you can add your own 'reference id/#' to a case for internal tracking purposes.


    Changed Features

    Case Description Field now Rich Text

    In the support portal, when logging a case, the description field is going from plain text to rich text. This will add the ability to use text formatting, hyperlinking as well as inline images.


    User Access

    There are now 3 user types available, each allowing different levels of access in an account.


    • User

      • This is the default/common support user. They can raise tickets, and view their own cases only, but cannot manage other users, or see other users cases.
    • Technical User

      • Can view all cases on the account, cannot manage users.
    • Super User

      • Can view all cases, can manage users on the account. Note: If you were a super user before these changes, you will still be a super user.


    Solutions Advisor Update

    When typing your case summary, the Solutions Advisor will now suggest helpful articles in real-time rather than appearing on the next page after saving. This feature is powered by the Advice Center.


    'My Profile' Changes

    My Profile now contains options to view Support Program details, your main points of contact in Ivanti, information on licencing, Training and Certifications as well as historical information on attended webinars and Interchanges sessions.