How To: Create Successful Power Management Schemes

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    How To:

    How to create successful Power Management schemes - this document will describe the caveats of Power Management as well as examples of how to create a Power Management scheme to meet your environment's needs.



    Beginning in LANDesk Management Suite 2016, Power Management changed from a policy to an agent setting. Within the Power Management agent are power schemes. Once all desired schemes have been specified and saved, this is your Power Management agent setting.


    More Information:

    There are 6 items that comprise a scheme: action, device, inactivity trigger, source, day, and time. Any action that is not explicitly defined by a power scheme covering all days and all times within a power management agent setting will use the windows default power setting. For example, a device has a power management agent setting applied that contains the following scheme:


    Because Standby has not been specified between the hours of 8am and 5pm, the device goes to standby after 30 minutes during this time period per the windows default power setting.


    In the following example, all days and all times have been covered by power schemes:


    Create a Power Management Agent Setting:

    In this example, we will create a Power Management Agent setting telling the device to Hibernate after 1 hour Monday through Friday from 8pm to 6am, to go to Standby after 30 minutes Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm, and to turn the monitor off after 15 minutes Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm.


    1. In Agent Settings under All agent settings, expand Power Management

    2. Highlight Power management settings

    3. Create a new Power management setting by clicking on the green circle with a white plus sign

    4.  Specify a name under Policy Name and a description under Policy description

    5. Under action, choose Hibernate

    6. Under Device, choose computer

    7. Under Inactivity trigger, choose After 1 hour

    8. Under Source, select Plugged in, On batteries, or Either. For this example, I will select Either

    9. Under Day, check the boxes for Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

    10. Under Time, check the boxes between and including 8pm to 5am

    11. Click on Add power scheme


    Do the same for Standby and Turn off monitor. After you are finished, your agent setting should look like this:


    Because this agent setting does not cover all days and all times, we will need to add a scheme or schemes that cover Saturday and Sunday. The following is an example:


    Once you have finished creating your Power schemes, click Save. This is now your Power Management agent setting.