How to uninstall GoldMine Universal Search and delete full text indicies from SQL pertaining to GoldMine Universal Search?

Version 1

    NOTE: Prior to proceeding it is CRITICAL to make fresh SQL backups of the GoldMine databases.  For information about creating SQL backups visit Microsoft Technet or our Knowledgebase article:

    How to make a Microsoft SQL backup of the GoldMine database


    1) Login to GoldMine as a user with MASTER rights.

    2) Click Tools >> Configure >> System Settings >> Advanced tab

    3) In the System Settings dialogue click the "Uninstall" button under the Universal Search section.

    4) When prompted "Would you like to delete Universal Search?" click "Yes".


    5) Click "OK".

    6) To install Universal Search follow steps 1-5 but click "Install" instead of "Uninstall" in step #3 above.


    NOTE: If having problems installing Universal search please see:

    niversal Search not available within GoldMine - How can it be checked if Universal Search is available in the GoldMine …