How to remove the application combo-box from the login screen for 2015.x and later versions?

Version 2


    When accessing the HEAT Service Management Login page, users see an Application Combo box that is a drop down for them to select which database they want to log into. We need to remove that box so that users cannot change where they log in.


    This is handled by matching the incoming URL from the end user's browser session to the LoginURL of the tenants in ConfigDB.  If a match is found the destination tenant is known by the system and the combo-box is not displayed.  In later versions where the Login page is customizable per tenant, those customizations will also appear.



    In ConfigDB on the tenants Screen we can see the Login URL for our HEATSM and ConfigDB tenants:

    NOTE: If you have more than one URL that needs tied to a specific tenant you can set additional URLs on the Tenant Form on the "Additional Login URL" child panel (only available in 2016.1.1 and later)


    The machine name (can be an FQDN in SSL environment) does match a tenant and therefore the combo-box NOT displayed:

    Localhost does not match any tenant and therefore the combo-box is displayed:




    The Login to ConfigDB works the same way.  If the hosts file or DNS has a pointer to the specified value for ConfigDB then it's login page will have no combo-box and will log you into ConfigDB: