Collecting Environment Manager Logs Using the Ivanti Support Tool Kit

Version 1

    Enable Logging


    Download the Ivanti Support Toolkit from the link below;


    Ivanti Support Toolkit


    After extracting the files, run the SupportToolkit.exe. You will see the Welcome Screen, after reading through the Disclaimer, please check the 'I accept the terms above', and then click next.


    On the Next Screen, please click the 'Logging' tab as seen here;


    Then click the Green Environment Manager button.


    On this screen, enable the EM Client Logs. Only enable the other options if these have been requested by Ivanti Support, some of these options could have a negative impact on your endpoint. Then Click Okay.



    Finally, set the destination log directory and check the Enable Logging box. You can now close the Support Toolkit


    Disable Logging


    Once logging has been collected, you can disable logging by coming back into the Ivanti Support Toolkit, clicking the logging tab and unchecking the Enable Logging option.