Workspaces Error: "It looks like something has gone wrong. Please check the error below before proceeding."

Version 3

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    Service Desk 7.7.xService Desk 7.8.xService Desk 2016.xAsset Manager 2016.xAsset Manager 2017.xService Desk 2017.x


    When saving a ticket in Workspaces after filling all required data, the warning message "It looks like something has gone wrong. Please check the error below before proceeding" appears at the top of the page without any of the mentioned 'error below' visible.



    This error is know to appear when a mandatory field has not been completed before the saving of the ticket. This is due to a feature in Workspaces that is showing the detailed error message directly below the field at fault (e.g. 'This field is required'). Normally it works like this, however in some case the error under the field is not displayed when the mandatory field had been hidden on the window.


    Workspaces Mandatory error - Field visible | The error is shown below the 'Company' field pointing to the missing value in this mandatory field.



    As showed here, if the field is configured to be hidden (by window calculation or configured in the Window Manager) the short error message will not show and may cause confusion about the root cause of the warning.

    Workspaces Mandatory error - Field hidden | The error is not shown this time as the field is not on the window.




    To resolve this you can either set this field to be visible if you need this data, or you can set the attribute field to be non-mandatory in the Window Manager. The difficulty in some situation is to find the field responsible for the issue. Identifying it can be done in two different way:


    • Web Desk application have a more detailed error message for this particular situation and will return you the true cause of the issue and even name the faulty fields. Just replicate the same you did in Workspaces but this time using Web Desk and the error should help you identify which fields you need to either show or disable their mandatory parameter.

    • Under the Console you can also open the related window under the Window Manager and check for each fields visible whether they have both 'Is Mandatory' and 'ShowOnWindow' set to true.
      However this takes more time than the first solution, and in some rare cases when the window have been corrupted you may find the field in the background of the window and no way to select it.