How to create Cloud Services Appliance 4.4 (CSA 4.4)

Version 6

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.x



    Whether you are moving your CSA from 4.3 to 4.4 or starting a new one, we recommend you import the OVA file and create a new CSA. You can still use the same name and IP and in a sense, this is upgrading your current one. Its what we will call a side by side upgrade.




    Before we get started, you will want to back up your settings:

    You can create a backup or just export one that was done recently.



    NOTE: This will back up your user accounts



    OVA Process

    Deploy the OVA file located at CSA 4.4 in vsphere or import it using vmware, this will create a new image. You will want to stop your old CSA once you have configured the CSA in the next steps. The back up you completed earlier will add users but you will need to configure your settings by adding the following:


    • 3rd party certs if used
    • Activation
    • Firewall
    • Gateway Service
    • Network Settings

    Please see the Quick Guide - Gateway (Cloud Service Appliance) Configuration for full details on setting up the CSA.


    You are now upgraded to the 4.4 CSA version, there might be an update available by the time you upgrade but The 4.4 starts with the same features and bug fixes as patch 184. Although it will show as DEV-500 (This is normal and will change to the same patching scheme as the 4.3 version).