Obtain Android Package ID and Package Version from APK (pre 6.2)

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.1Avalanche 6.0

    Issue:  When creating a software payload for Android using a manifest URL the Package ID and Package Version are required and must be exact


    First make a copy of your apk

    Rename the copy's file extension from .apk to .zip


    Navigate into the new zip file and open the AndroidManifest.xml or Manifest.xml file using Notepad

    Note: For simplicity's sake, you may want to format with word wrap.

    Find the Manifest com dot portion of text listed.  This will be your Package ID.  The version should follow directly behind the Package ID.  In this case the Package ID is com.splashtop.streamer.wavelink and the version is