How to safely remove data from Live production tenant.

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    How to safely remove data from Live production tenant.

    If you come across situation where your are in need to remove data from Live production tenant, this article might give you an idea how to do it safely, without risking any corruption on live data.


    When can it be useful:

    Imagine that your classic push thru OPS console went wrong, and your Production tenant got corrupted by unnecessary data, that you wish to remove.

    Within this article you might learn step by step how to do it.   


    What do you need:

    -OPS Console access,

    -Enabled the package migration future,


    How to (Step by Step with screenshots) :


    01. In order to safely remove data such as f.ex "fields" from your Production, you need to copy image of your Prod to your UAT tenant using operation called: "Copy to Replace". This way you make sure that UAT looks the same and have the same data set as your PROD.

    (Be aware that if you have modification work in progress you might lose your progress.)


    02. Now you should enable "The package migration feature in Heat" using ops console  


    03. Login as a Administrator to your UAT tenant which has the same data set as PROD. tenant, and remove all unnecessary data, for this article purpose let's say that there are few field, which you can remove manually, as by screenshot below:


    04. When unnecessary data removed, proceed to "HEAT development package" section in your Admin console, and create new package witch will be pushed later on to your PROD. tenant.


    05. Proceed to "HEAT Development Project" > Transaction Details, and find transaction within which you have removed unnecessary data. If you follow this document document step by step it will be probably first transaction on the list. But in order to make sure that you are assigning proper transaction in to the package you can open it by double-click and compare Old Definition to New Definition. It gives you overview on what changes within this Transaction Detail. When positive go for button on the above right hand corner "Assign to package" and chose the newly created package.



    06. Proceed back to your package record and "Close Package" as by screenshot below:



    07. Package is closed, and can be safely pushed in to your PROD. Tenant. which as result will remove unnecessary data from your PROD tenant.




    Please remember that if you are not sure on any of the steps above, always get in touch and consult it with Support.