Cloud Service Request Guide

Version 5

    This guide contains a guide for raising requests for SaaS products.


    Who can access Service Requests?

    When you log a Service Request they will reach the Ivanti Cloud Service team.  This means that the option for opening a Service Request will only be visible to you if you are registered and linked to an account who have purchased a cloud product and who has an active support agreement from Ivanti.


    How to Open a Service Request


    1. Login in to using your Ivanti support credentials.


    2. Ensure you are on the tab 'Contact Support'. You will see three options here, one of which is 'Open a New Cloud Service Request'.



    How can I access the Cloud Calendar?

    This is available to users who are logged in with an Account which is associated with a Cloud product that has a valid maintenance contact.

    It is available from the My My My... link or you can access it directly from here:


    my cloud environment.png


    Select 'Change Calendar' Tab (Filter by Landscape where appropriate)


    How to Export Tenant Information



    To Export Tenant Information navigate to 'My My My...' > 'My Cloud Environment' > 'Current DB Size' > 'Export to Excel'. This will export the information from the displayed fields into an Excel Spreadsheet.