Avalanche 6.2 Multiple Smart Device Servers

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    Avalanche 6.2

    With the introduction of 6.2 we have brought in improved scalability with multiple Smart Device Servers. This means that each Region can have its own Smart Device Server allowing for increased Enterprise Device Totals.


    System Specifications can be found here:System Requirements

    Installing Device Servers can be found here: Installing Device Servers


    Regional Design:

    As with previous versions, we have strived to bring the robustness of the Rugged distribution platform to the new world of Smart Device rollouts. Avalanche allows customers to design their hierarchy however they would like. Whether it is by store, state, region, etc, customers can design their infrastructure hierarchy to optimize their Smart Device deployments.




    Configuration and relocation of smart devices have not changed. Just install the SDS on the proposed server and link it back to the Enterprise Server. To move a Smart Device to a specific region just select it from the list of Device Servers and then use the Move button within the server details page.




    Useful Links:

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