Avalanche 6.2 Smart Device Server Profiles

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.2

    With the introduction of Avalanche 6.2 we have relocated many options from the System Settings page and created a Smart Device Server Profile. This profile is similar to the Mobile Device Server that is used for rugged devices.


    Use Case / Scenarios

    A good scenario of this would be for customers who wish to place Smart Device Servers in every store. Users will be able to utilize a third party signed wildcard certificate that will auto populate to every single SDS within their environment.


    At the My enterprise will be a default Smart Device Server Profile that will provide base configurations for all SDS below it. If you must have alternate configurations at a child level you will be able to create additional Smart Device Profiles that will allow you to tweak the configuration.


    SDS Profile.png


    If you have migrated from 6.x to 6.2 these settings will be auto populated. It should be noted that if you were previously using Dynamic Device Relocation you will need to manually enable this again.


    Create a Child SDS profile

    Move to the Region you wish to place the new SDS. Next create a new Profile and select Smart Device Server from Avalanche System Settings


    SDS create profile.png


    Users will be able to use a new option of inherited for most of the options. This provides you with increased fine tuning of your regions if you so wish.


    sds profile inherited.png