Avalanche 6.2 Broadcast Enrollment

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    Avalanche 6.2Avalanche 6.3

    Broadcast enrollment is an update to the Bulk enrollment file. Information for Bulk Enrollment can be found here: Bulk Enrollment for Android Smart Devices


    With the introduction of 6.2 Enablers users will be able to use broadcast within the enroll.prf file which will allow the device to listen for the SDS via UDP port 443.

    Once a device discovers the SDS the server address will auto populate and the device will enroll.


    To utilize this update all you need to do is have an SDS that is on 6.2 and the device that is using a 6.2.x.x enabler. Update your PRF file to have the server section call out broadcast


    enrollid= custtest
    pwd= Wavelink#1
    server= broadcast