Avalanche 6.2 Reference Enrollment Rules (Global Enrollment Rules)

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    Avalanche 6.2


    With the introduction of multiple SDS within an avalanche environment, Avalanche 6.2 also implemented the Reference Enrollment Rule. This Enrollment rule is created at a region level (standard Enrollment Rules can only be placed at a folder) to allow for ease of use in managing large networks.



    Users could create a single enrollment rule at the My Enterprise (or another high-level region) which will allow the enrollment rule to be used on every single SDS in their environment. This means Administrators can quickly deploy new regions quickly and efficiently.


    Creating a Reference Rule:

    Move to the top most region that would impact the Smart Device servers you wish to work with.

    Next move to the Enrollment Tab.

    Click on the plus sign


    As you can see from the image, very little has changed for the Reference Rule. You will still enter a name and password but now you will be able to add a Target folder and select whether this server is to use ANS or not.


    The Target folder is a powerful new feature that will tell the SDS where to place devices that enroll with this rule. If the folder does not exist underneath the SDS region it will automatically create that folder.


    The Notification Service Check box will allow user to specific when they want to use GCM or ANS.