How to add more than three server addresses to the MST file while deploying the Ivanti Device and Application Control client via the Deployment Tool?

Version 1

    When creating a new client package via the Ivanti Device and Application Control Client Deployment Tool, it is only possible to enter three server addresses.



    In case more than three servers are in use, the following steps can be executed to add more server addresses.


    - Create the new MST file with the server details of one server and finish the package creation.

    - Connect to a computer which has already the Ivanti Device and Application Control Client installed and has already all servers configured.

    - Open the Registry Editor via "Start - Run - RegEdit".

    - Browse to the following path: \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\scomc\Parameters

    - Here you can see a REG_SZ value with the name "servers".

    - If more than one servers are configured, you will see the list in there.

    - Please export the whole "Parameters" registry key.

    - Remove all not needed values from the registry export which you don't want to distribute to all the clients.

    - Move the parameters.reg file into the newly created client package.

    - When deploying the client package, the installer will recognise the parameters.reg file and implement it during the client installation.