Configuring the Splashtop APK Platform Software Payload for Android Avalanche 6.2

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.2

    Creating the Android software payload:


    Within Avalanche navigate to Profiles and click the plus sign under Available Payloads

    Choose Android and then Software

    Note: In 6.2 we now have data repository where all payloads can be stored for use of the Manifest URL option.  All APKs will be stored here for this option:

    C:\Program Files\Wavelink\Avalanche\centralfilestore\files


    Give your payload a name, select Manifest URL under Software Hosting and click the search icon under Manifest URL.

    Your Package ID and Package Version will be auto filled.

    Click Save

    Adding the package to an Android software profile:


    Under the Profiles portion of Avalanche select the plus sign under Available Profiles



    Select Device settings and contents under Smart Devices



    Give your profile a name and select the software payload you created earlier from the bottom.  Click Save.



    Select your profile from the list and click the check under Available Profiles in order to apply your profile to the desired location.



    Click Apply


    Run your deployment and push your profile out to your devices