How to deploy agent automatically with the output of agentless scan query?

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    Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.x


    Agentless scanning is introduced in LDMS 2016.3. It uses supplied credentials to attempt to run scanner on unmanaged nodes to find them and list them in Console.

    The detail information can be found: About Agentless Scanning in LDMS 2016.3

    After the agentless scan is properly configured, the default query called "Agentless scanner" will list all the agentless devices.

    By default, the agentless inventory scan runs every day. So the query "Agentless scanner" is updated daily. You know which device is on your network and has not installed agent.


    How to:

    1. Create a new query to list the devices which need to deploy agent. You may use the filter looks like:

    "Computer"."Agentless"  =  "1"

    "Computer"."OS"."Name"  Not Like  "Server"

    "Computer"."OS"."Name"  Not Like  "Embedded"


    2. In Agent configuration, Schedule agent deployment.

    3. In the Targets, add the query which is created in step 1 to the Targeted queries.

    4. You may schedule the task to run repeated daily to deploy the agent automatically (Optional).

    5. After the scheduled task run, all the devices in the query have deployed the agent.

    Note: After the agent is deployed, it will take some time, likely a day, before the inventory updated on the core. To avoid deploy the agent to the same machine which has deployed the agent, the schedule frequency should not be hourly. You may manually run the deployment task to deploy the agent.


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