Android Application Crashes Periodically Multiple Devices

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    Avalanche 6.1Avalanche 6.0

    Issue:  Android application is crashing periodically across multiple devices


    A possible cause for this is an incorrect version number listed for the software package for your application within Avalanche.


    Example:  Velocity crashes on multiple devices every hour


    If this is a Zebra device you can use Rxlogger to grab logging during the crash.  You will see something similar to below:


    12-06 10:50:49.884 4439 4449 D DefContainer: Copying /storage/emulated/0/wavelink/downloads/10133_com.wavelink.velocity.apk to base.apk

    12-06 10:50:52.545 1194 1233 I ActivityManager: Force stopping com.wavelink.velocity appid=10132 user=-1: uninstall pkg

    12-06 10:50:52.546 1194 1233 I ActivityManager: Killing 10766:com.wavelink.velocity/u0a132 (adj 0): stop com.wavelink.velocity

    12-06 10:50:52.633 1194 1259 I PackageManager: Package com.wavelink.velocity codePath changed from /data/app/com.wavelink.velocity-2 to /data/app/com.wavelink.velocity-1; Retaining data and using new

    12-06 10:50:52.634 1194 1259 W PackageManager: Code path for com.wavelink.velocity changing from /data/app/com.wavelink.velocity-2 to /data/app/com.wavelink.velocity-1

    12-06 10:50:52.634 1194 1259 W PackageManager: Resource path for com.wavelink.velocity changing from /data/app/com.wavelink.velocity-2 to /data/app/com.wavelink.velocity-1

    12-06 10:50:52.690 1194 1942 D WifiService: releaseWifiLockLocked: WifiLock{Wavelink.Velocity.Wifilock type=1 [email protected]}

    12-06 10:50:52.690 1194 1881 I WindowState: WIN DEATH: Window{3ea747b u0 com.wavelink.velocity/com.wavelink.velocity.te.MainActivity}

    12-06 10:50:52.702 1194 1233 D ActivityManager: cleanUpApplicationRecord -- 10766


    This tells us that when the device checks in every hour as directed by Avalanche, then Velocity is re-installing and this is the cause of the application crashing.


    Check the version of your software package for Velocity within Avalanche against the version located within the manifest.xml file.

    For information on grabbing your version from the manifest.xml go here:  Obtain Android Package ID and Package Version from APK (pre 6.2)


    As you can see my version number is incomplete.  When the device checks into Avalanche it is expecting to see the full version of  When it checks in and only sees 1.2.112, then Avalanche sees the versions as incompatible and installs to replace with what Avalanche has listed.  Even though the apks are the same, the verification fails against the Package Version.


    Update your package version with the complete and correct version, save your package, deploy and when the device checks in verification will pass.