"The computer is not reachable or does not have the client installed" when trying to add new devices in IDAC (LES)

Version 1

    In IDAC (Ivanti Device and Application Control (previously known as LES) it is possible to add devices to the management console, which have been attached to the computers.

    Therefore open the SMC, select the device explorer and browse to the computer where you attached the new device to.

    Open then the context menu and select "Manage Devices".

    Here you are able to "add" newly connected devices.


    In some cases, the following error occurs straight after selecting the "add new.." button



    The error: "The computer is not reachable or does not have the client installed" is shown.


    In case the IDAC client is already installed on the affected client, this is most likely connected to the firewall settings.


    Please first ensure the TCP port 33115 is open on the client side.


    Managing devices on the client requires the server to be able to contact the client machine on the default port TCP 33115.

    It then requests the C:\WINDOWS\SxData\wld.log from the client and parses this log to display list of devices.


    If the TCP port 33115 is open, and the issue still exists,  you can then troubleshoot by enabling SXS operations log on the server and SCOMC operations log on the client.

    When you request managing devices on the client, both logs should show the WLD log request/collection procedure and hopefully will show what the issue is.


    The following KB article might assist on how to activate the mentioned logging:

    Obtaining various log files from Ivanti Device and Application Control (IDAC/LES/HES)


    As a workaround, in order to manage devices of that affected machines you can use one of the two methods:


    1. Copy manually the C:\WINDOWS\SxData\wld.log from the affected machine to a working client and then request management of devices.


    2. Use Console / Log Explorer module and 'Devices connected this month' report. In report Settings, you can narrow down criteria to a single machine and the report should show DEVICE-ATTACHED events, each then can be right-clicked to add device(s). DEVICE-ATTACHED events will be reported, when Console / Tools / Default Settings / Device Log is enabled.