How to create an exception to allow access to a mounted .ISO when CD/DVD is blocked

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    Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.x



    When blocking CD/DVD in Device Manager it also blocks Virtual CD/DVD (Such as mounting a .ISO file)


    Most of the time this is likely desired, however in the instances that it is not this article describes how to create an exception that allows access to a Virtual CD/DVD device while still blocking physical drives.




    Create an exception using the Device Instance ID under the CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Drives section in the Device Control Agent Settings.


    1. Open the desired Device Control Setting.

    2. Go to the CD/DVD/Blu-Ray section on the left-hand side.

    3. Click "Exceptions" on the right-hand side.


    Enter the exception as listed below:




    You can cut and paste from here: