Getting Started with RES ONE Workspace Portable Relay Server

Version 1

    RES ONE Workspace introduces support for the RES ONE Workspace Relay Server for Linux, the Portable Relay Server. In supported Linux environments, this Relay Server provides improved scalability in distributed networks and reduced RES ONE Workspace Datastore load, that results in reduced network traffic in multiple site environments.


    The Portable Relay Server supports enhanced workspace security and protection from malicious threats through advanced file hash-based application security (whitelisting). Through an encrypted connection it accesses the configured list of Authorized Files with their associated SHA-1 hash values. When appropriately configured, the execution of unauthorized applications, which are not in the list of authorized file hash values, is prevented.


    The Relay Server establishes an encrypted connection to a RES ONE Workspace 2015 SR1 ( or higher Relay Server for Windows in a RES ONE Workspace environment on Linux.


    This document guides you through the installation of the RES ONE Workspace Portable Relay Server and explains you how to configure it.