Exciting Changes Coming to All Versions of Patch Manager on Jan 3, 2018! Please read to see how this affects you

Version 1

    Ivanti is excited to announce that the Endpoint Manager Patch and Compliance will now include our next generation patch engine. This change will be made available to all versions of EPM & LDMS on January 3rd, 2018. This new architecture enables us to continue to deliver our world-class solution well into the future as well as extend the options available to all of our customers. This change will introduce an additional 30MBs (approx.) of data to each endpoint, that gets downloaded during the initial vulnerability scan to upgrade the client, with limited data to download for future scans. This download will take full advantage of all existing EPM download capabilities, minimizing impact to networks. Administrators also have a variety of options in EPM to help manage downloads in especially sensitive environments. To minimize any impact to networks or bandwidth, Ivanti's download technology is designed to retrieve content from three (3) possible locations: Peer, Preferred Server and/or Source; this technology also provides throttling control and will cede to other network traffic. The following documents outline some options administrators have to stage the next generation binaries, which will allow your existing endpoints to leverage Ivanti's download capabilities and more efficient file transfers throughout your environment.


    Important Documentation: