Slow Performance when entering Incident details in Console

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 7.6


    When typing in incident details in the Incident window and saving, performance gradually slows down and as more incidents are entered eventually console comes to a halt.



    This can happen when Knowledge is not being used or has been turned off i.e.the Knowledge server is not running but attributes in the Incident window are set to invoke a search as details are entered.



    Turn off automatic searching on the the attribute properties (usually these will be set on the Title and/or description attributes).


    Open Window Manager. Open the Incident window and select the Title attribute. Select properties and see if any of the properties under 'Invoke Search On' are set to True.  If so, then make a note and change to False.  Repeat this for the description attribute and any other text attributes on the window, then save the changes.  Repeat for any other Incident windows that are used.

    Please see article for further information and a script to help identify the attributes set up for invoke search on.