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    What do the different protection levels mean on the properties of fields I put on Windows?



    There are six options for field protection levels in Window Manager, these are:


    • <blank>
    • None
    • ReadWrite
    • WriteOnce
    • ReadOnly
    • WriteOnly


    Unfortunately this wealth of choice is somewhat misleading, there are actually only three different protection levels available for a field, these are:


    • ReadWrite - where the User is able to see the contents of the field and edit it at any time.
    • WriteOnce - where the User is only able to edit the field before the object it is on is saved, once the window has been saved the field is Read Only
    • Read Only - where the User is unable to edit the data the field is displaying.


    The other options - <blank>, None and WriteOnly all provide normal ReadWrite functionality.  There is a Problem logged to have these options altered in the future, it is 3973.


    Further Information

    If an attribute is not on the window seen when a new instance of the object is created but is on subsequent windows, set to WriteOnce it will appear as Read Only.  This is because the Write Once functionality will only work before the initial save of the object.  However, the WriteOnce/ReadOnce functionality only applies to the way in which the fields are displayed, not the properties of the objects themselves.  Therefore, it is possible to update a WriteOnce (or indeed ReadOnly) field by by using an identical Read/Write attribute on a collection of the main object and using Copy Rules to update the value on the object.