Getting Time Out Errors when running Import of SLA Rules

Version 2

    If you are getting a time out error when running imports for SLA Rules, first try to increase the time out in your Console.exe.config and tps.config files by adding in the keys shown below:



    Console.exe.config:     <add key="WebServiceTimeout" value="600000" />

    Tps.config:                  <add key="CommandTimeout" value="600000" />




    Make sure that the keys aren't already in there and carry out an IISReset on the TPS server after you have saved changes to these files.



    If it's still timing out?

    This could be because you have a lot of current rules in your SLA configuration and the time out is happening when console is trying to delete these before importing the new ones.


    To solve this, you can delete the rules directly in the database by running the two following scripts. Please take a FULLY RESTORABLE BACKUP before running these as they will DELETE ALL RULES currently configured.


    1. ----------------------------------------------------

    Delete from lc_agreement_rule_value


    2. ----------------------------------------------------

    Delete from lc_agreement_rule





    You MUST run the scripts separately and in the order shown or you will receive errors.


    After you successfully run the script, carry out another IISReset and try your import again.