Convert Physical Drive to Virtual for LANDesk Customer Support Testing

Version 6

    This document outlines how to convert a physical drive to VMware Workstation platform for LANDesk Customer Support testing.




    Download the free tools from VMware:


    (Notes: VMware will ask you to register your email, they will send you an email link with activation and then after activation it will take you to the download screen. Install the default options (Local choice))


    Steps to Conversion


    Click on Convert Machine


    Choose “Powered-on machine” and you can either remote a machine or do the local machine options


    Specify the below information type of “Vmware Workstation” and product “Vmware Workstation 6.0.x”. Name your machine and choose a directory to output the information.


    This screen can be left at default.


    Now the machine is being converted to your directory.


    A directory will be created with the name chosen for your conversion process. Zip the directory and use the following article to transfer it to the LANDesk FTP site.