RES ONE Workspace using files needed by an application being installed

Version 1


    On a computer running RES ONE Workspace the following message is seen when installing another application:
    Files in use
    Some files that need to be updated are currently in use.
    The following applications are using files that need to be updated by this setup. Close these applications and click Retry to continue

    The following executables are listed with their respective installed locations by the installer:
    • cpushld.exe
    • pwrcache.exe
    • res.exe
    • resop.exe



    The installer needs access to files being used by the listed RES ONE Workspace processes.



    Stop the RES ONE Workspace Agent service using one of the following methods:
    • Microsoft Windows Services console (services.msc) 
    • Enter "net stop res" in an elevated command prompt
    • The listed processes will terminate since they are sub processes of the agent service, while res.exe is the agent.
    • If the RES ONE Workspace Agent service on a server is stopped, new sessions cannot be established on that server. Already active sessions will not be interrupted by stopping the RES ONE Workspace Agent service.
    • Ensure the RES ONE Workspace Agent service is started after you install the other program.
    • Test the client and the agent to ensure it continues to run properly.
    • Re-install the RES ONE Workspace agent if needed.