End users selected background does not load with oem.theme and RES ONE Workspace

Version 1


    The "oem.theme" file, the file used to set a default theme is Microsoft Windows, overrides any "custom.theme" file captured with RES ONE Workspace, while logging into a VDI session.

    A default theme for a Microsoft Windows client is configured and saved in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Theme as "oem.theme", and RES ONE Workspace is configured to run Active Setup and to capture the Microsoft Windows theme using the supplied template.  

    The end user changes the background or the theme, creating a "custom.theme" file, which Microsoft Windows saves in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Theme.

    The end user logs off the current session, and the theme's User Settings are captured correctly with RES ONE Workspace

    At the start of a new session, the original theme configured in "oem.theme" is loaded.


    The oem.theme file is present in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Theme. Microsoft Windows will use the oem.theme file as the desired theme as long as it is present in the end user's profile and Active Setup is activated.


    If a default background needs to be set and the end users must be allowed to change it, use RES ONE Workspace's background component.
    1. Navigate to Composition > Desktop > Background within the RES ONE Workspace console.
    2. Enable Background Composition.
    3. Click on the Picture button and set the desired background picture.
    4. Set the Picture placement.
    5. Set other desired settings.
    6. Save the settings.
    7. Navigate to Composition > Desktop > Lockdown and Behavior.
    8. Enable Lockdown.
    9. Ensure the following are deselected:
      • Hide "Change Desktop Background" in Workspace Preferences (forces the default picture)
      • Limit "Change Desktop Background" in Workspace Preferences to pre-configured pictures...
    10. Ensure the rest of the Lockdowns are configured for your environment as needed, since the Lockdown feature is enabled for your environment.
    11. Save the settings.