Microsoft Windows 10 Theme not loaded correctly with Read-Only Blanketing enabled

Version 1


    Consider the following scenario: 
    • Microsoft Windows 10 Version 1511 (Build 10586).
    • The Read-Only Blanketing is enabled in the RES ONE Workspace Console: Security > Data > Read-Only Blanketing.
    The Microsoft Windows 10 Theme is not loaded correctly at logon if the Security feature Read-Only Blanketing is enabled.
    At first logon Microsoft Windows 10 needs to prepare the profile (Active Setup) and Read-Only Blanketing is blocking several executables which try to run in the background. The actual issue is revealed with a blue border around each window and not readable application titles on the taskbar.


    This issue is not seen with Microsoft Windows 10 Version 1607 (Build 14393).

    An already affected user profile will not be repaired, a new profile must be created. During the active setup regsvr32.exe is performing actions which are not performed afterwards anymore.



    To solve this issue add the following entries to the Authorized Files section in the RES ONE Workspace Console: Security > Authorized Files :

    Authorized process    Authorized File                   Operation
    regsvr32.exe                 c:\users\public                     Read Execute Modify
    regsvr32.exe                 c:\users\public\desktop.ini    Read Execute Modify
    regsvr32.exe                 c:\windows\resources           Read Execute Modify