New Microsoft Excel 2010 worksheets are not shown in the taskbar even after enabling the Excel Hook

Version 1


    Consider the following situation:
    • Microsoft Excel 2010 is installed on a Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Citrix XenApp 7.x Server.
    • The Citrix XenApp published Microsoft Excel 2010 application is started from a Microsoft Windows 7 client.
    • The Microsoft Excel 2010 Option "Show all windows in the Taskbar" is enabled.

    When a new Microsoft Excel 2010 worksheet is opened, the new sheet is not shown on the taskbar. Only the main Microsoft Excel icon is shown on the taskbar. 



    The implementation of Citrix Excel Hook, which is used to create separate taskbar icons for each Microsoft Excel workbook, does not work for Excel 2010.



    This is not related to RES products.

    The solution is described in the article below: